The timeless quality and charm of Maine's architecture and landscape captured through the watercolors of Randy Eckard.

My Work

“My approach to watercolor has always been non-traditional, in that I try to avoid the trappings of traditional watercolor techniques. Although traditional washes are an integral part of the painting process, I rely more on the layering of color through the technique of glazing and drybrush (color applied with a brush squeezed almost dry of moisture). Moving between wet and dry on the same piece of paper achieves a variety of complementary thick and thin surfaces. which allows for the luminous quality of watercolor with added depth of color and texture.

“Light plays an essential role in my paintings. It is as if the subtle or dramatic interplay of light and shadow become the subject more than the objects themselves. Light reveals the character, color, and texture of objects, whether man-made or natural. The alternation of lighted and shadowed planes produces a powerful repeated pattern and can be an important element of design.

“The subjects or objects I choose to paint have always been of paramount importance, especially with their tendency to come unexpectedly. Quiet, patient observation often reveals the life of a subject, although frequently the focus of my initial inspiration will change throughout the course of the painting. The paintings’ titles often offer clues to the experience behind an inspiration.

“As one the artists I most admire, Andrew Wyeth, once said: ‘Catching the essence of a subject, without turning it into a picture, is the most important thing to me.’”

Randy Eckard